On Chloe’s birthday, was unable to attend the party due to his hero duties

On Chloe’s birthday, was unable to attend the party due to his hero duties

Chloe fell under a magic spell in which she looked identical to her cousin Lois and tricked Clark, who did not realize it was her inside. Chloe learned that Clark was trying to see Jimmy’s side of their breakup, and Clark learned that Chloe was hurt that Clark didn’t call her on her birthday, and that she was indeed jealous of his partnership with Lois. When Clark fell under the spell as well, Chloe was able to break it for both of them by showing how much she believed in him. Clark later asked her why she hadn’t told her how she felt. Chloe said she believed Clark had feelings for Lois and that she was going to try not to regret the past and move forward.

Very unwillingly, she kept him hidden for several weeks, until the situation became very untenable

As Chloe’s world began to crash down slowly and with Clark engaged in his hero duties, she began to feel more closely with Davis Bloome. This called the attention of Clark, who believed that Davis was not a good company for Chloe and the two ended arguing.

After learning that Davis was a Kryptonian monster that was destined to kill Clark, Chloe decided to help Davis to commit suicide to protect Clark. She became very sad because of what she done and Clark tried to support her. However, Davis didn’t die, and went to Chloe’s apartment for help. He said she was the only one who could control the beast inside of him and then asked her to stay with him. Knowing that Clark’s life was in danger, Chloe accepted the request from Davis and began to harboring him in her house.

Chloe ran away with Davis to try to protect both of them from each other. Oliver tried to tell Clark that she had feelings for Davis but he denied it, and became jealous and concerned for Chloe. During an intense and heart-felt phone call to Clark, Chloe revealed that by sacrificing herself, she could truly save him and the world. Clark insisted that he would not give up trying to find her and save her, and they shared a quick moment before Chloe hung up in tears.

Clark continued his search for her and Chloe remained with Davis several days. After Tess orchestrating a fake encounter between “Chloe” and Clark, finally, the real Chloe appeared and was ambushed by Oliver’s team. Clark went to rescue her, but was late and was taken down by Oliver. With the help of Jimmy, Clark rescued Chloe and Davis but in his eagerness to stop Doomsday, not realizing how dangerous Davis has become, Jimmy was murdered. Clark felt completely responsible for this and suffered an existential crisis. As a shattered Chloe desperately needed a hug and a friend, Clark only thought of himself and decided that his human side was what made him weak and left a heartbroken Chloe alone in a empty room.

Year Four

“It isn’t about what we want, Clark. It’s about what the rest of the world needs. I get it. I was lucky to be a part of your life for a little while, but we both know that. you’d have to move on one day.” – Chloe to Clark, Savior

“Was there a time when you would’ve given just about anything to stare at that farmer’s tan and all its glory, I’m guessing?””That was a long time ago, like in a Smallville far, far away. I mean. Okay, yeah, I did love Clark, a lot. And I waited years for him to see that, see. me. But even with his X-ray vision he never did. I need more than that. I just needed someone who would get me. And as good a friend as Clark is, he’s never gonna be that person, which is fine. Really, I mean those wounds healed a thousand super-saves ago. Now they are just scars.””It’s Clark’s loss.” – Chloe to Oliver on her feelings for Clark, Escape

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