She and Clark finally addressed his secrecy and her prying

She and Clark finally addressed his secrecy and her prying

Despite their differences, Clark worked hard to find the antidote and saved her life, and Chloe once again tearfully apologized for her lack of discretion

However, when Chloe became the target of subliminal emails, Clark was hypnotized into trying to run her over with his truck. Chloe told the Sheriff that Clark lost control of the truck, but later questioned if Clark had done it on purpose. Clark denied this, but admitted that he was still upset with her for the deal with Lionel. When Chloe was safe again, she confessed to Clark that she felt like she deserved the attacks for what she did to him. He acknowledged that Chloe found him at his worst moment in Metropolis, so he too should give her a second chance for a wrong decision in a moment of weakness. They agreed that Chloe would take Clark as he is, without explanation, and their friendship was renewed.

He accepted, and Chloe and Clark’s relationship was officially back on track. They both helped send Lionel Luthor to prison by testifying against him and ended their junior year with resolution and optimism.

However, shortly after, Jor-El abducted Clark with the insistence that he fulfill his Kryptonian destiny, and Chloe was seemingly killed while under Witness Protection.

Senior Year

“Look, Clark, as much as I’d like to blame the pom-pom juice for this, I obviously still have those feelings in me somewhere.””Chloe. I wish I felt the same way, but I don’t, at least not right now.””Right. I know that. And I accept it. I just hope that we can keep our friendship.” – Chloe and Clark, Devoted

“I just have a feeling you’re destined to do a lot more in this world then just score touchdowns.””Chloe, you’ve been saying a lot of weird things to me lately. What makes you think I’m destined to do anything?””Just a hunch.” – Chloe and Clark, Recruit

When Clark was returned, he was horrified to learn that Chloe had died, but quickly realized that her grave was empty. He met her cousin Lois Lane and the two worked together to uncover Chloe’s fake death and rescue her from the hands of an hired killer.

When Clark and Chloe began their high school senior year, Clark joined the football team and informed Chloe that he would have less time to spend on the Torch. Chloe was dismayed, but did not press the issue.

At the same time, Chloe unknowingly drank a love potion which caused her to become completely devoted to Clark. He found her in his loft wearing only his football jersey, and Clark was thoroughly confused at her strong advances. When she was cured of the potion, they reluctantly brought up her behavior and Clark had to admit that he did not feel the same way “right now”. However, he also told her he intended to make time to commit to the Torch after all.

When Clark switched bodies with Lionel Luthor, he made rude comments to Chloe, almost making her cry. Back to normal, Clark tried to apologize and claim he wasn’t himself, but Chloe was still angry and suggested he get psychological help.

Their friendship was eventually repaired when Clark rescued Chloe again when she was drawn into an underground high-school gambling ring by Mikhail Mxyzptlk. Mikhail threatened to kill Chloe unless Clark lost the championship football game, but Clark used his super-speed and was able to both win the game and save Chloe’s life.

Clark was the only person Chloe told when she discovered her mother was in a mental institution. Clark gained the opportunity to return Chloe’s trust when he unwittingly used his super-strength and super-speed right in front of her. Thinking he was a metahuman, Chloe displayed a newfound maturity and discretion and chose to let Clark tell her himself. She kept his secret for months without him knowing.

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