From: HeatherChiang Sent: Tuesday, e of business removed Dear Sirs, We are Henghua company based in China

From: HeatherChiang Sent: Tuesday, e of business removed Dear Sirs, We are Henghua company based in China

We will register the “Name of business removed” as internet keyword and CN domain , , , . We have handed in our application and are waiting for Mr. Bob Zhang’s approval. We think this name is important for our business in Chinese market. Even though Mr.. Bob Zhang advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name. Best regards Heather Chiang

cn/.cn/ and internet keyword. In our opinion, maybe they do the similar business as your company and register it to promote his company. According to the domain name registration principle: The domain name and internet keyword which applied based on the international principle are opened to companies as well as individuals.. Any companies or individuals have rights to register any domain name and internet keyword which are unregistered. Since your company haven’t registered this name as CN domains and internet keyword on the internet, anyone can obtain them by registration. However, in order to avoid this conflict, the tradee owner has priority in making this registration in our audit period. If your company is the original owner of this name and want to register these CN domain names (.cn/.cn/ and internet keyword to prevent anybody from using them, please inform us. We can send you an application form with price list and help your company register them.

Recently when I went for medical examination, my doctor told me that I might not last for the next six months due to my cancer at it advanced stage(cancer of the liver and partial stroke)

Bob Zhang Office Manager Shanghai Office (Head Office) 3002, Nanhai Building, No. 854 Nandan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200070, China Tel: +86-21-6191-8696 Mobile: +86-182-2195-1605 Fax: +86-21-6191-8697 Web: www yiguanhost com

xyifebgiad since you started that new job you never have any spare time pmsghs my thoughts immediately turned to you when I found this if anyone deserves to be rolling in dough its you http //bit ly/PwH1bU?pvxkxskv this is the key to a better and brighter future for your family zlfmrypxdues

Writing with humanitarian heart and from God’s direction, Please allow me to give you brief indroduction about me before I proceed on why I am contacting you through this medium. My name is Mrs Richkah Bolt now 56 years of age and from a jewish origin. I was married to Late Mr.Wardrole Bolt regional controller MWB World Insurance,and D.G Gulf oil in West Africa.We were married for over 28 years with-out a child and during our early marriage life we never cared about any other thing other than working hard and making money and enjoying ourself’s on vacation’s and etc.

Dear Name removed, Based on your company having no relationship with them, we have suggested they should choose another name to avoid this conflict but they insist on this name as CN domain names (

Never even cared about child adoption since we were not able to have a child of our own. Before my husband died last year, there is this sum of $2.8 Million USA Dollars that he deposited with a Bank here In Ivory Coast. Presently this money is still in the Vault of the finance Company.

Having known my condition, I decided to donate this fund to any good God fearing brother or sister that will utilize this fund the way I am going to instruct herein since I am now sick and weak and un-able to use this money. Going by my present health unstable state I have decided to donate this money for a good (WILL) before I die so that even though I die my soul will be at rest and at peace that my legacy will be used to help the less-priviladged, helping man-kind is another way of worship, this is why I am looking for any God fearing whom I will entrust this money to use it for an O.N.G on charity or set up an orphanage on humanitarian assistance.

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